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is the peace of mind to be developped.

The Petit Nalanda of the Paramita Centre for Tibetan Buddhism in Haute-Marne (France) has the mission to preserve and share Tibetan Buddhist philosophy with Lama Samten, the spiritual master (Tradition of His Holiness the Dalai Lama), who is regularly invited to France, in order to to encourage the development of a calmer, more peaceful and serene mind through the practice of meditation. Monk Jason Simard of is the main teacher and manager the Centre in Montreal and Toronto as well for the Petit Nalanda. The Centre therefore specializes in sharing the teachings of the Buddha through conferences, workshops and courses on meditation and ptibetan philosophy for the general public. An extensive program exists on all of the Buddha's teachings but the emphasis is especially on beginners with easily accessible trainings on Calm Abiding Meditation at first, and Insight Vision later. When the mind has pacified distractions and emotions, it is then easier to analyze the meaning of reality. The head office of the main Paramita Centre is located in Quebec, Canada. It is also the place of residence of Lama Samten, the spiritual master and founder of the Center.


We invite you to consult the Petit Nalanda section for more information.


Le Petit Nalanda of the Paramita Centre for Tibetan Buddhism in Haute-Marne is a non-profit association, whose philosophy is entirely based on the Buddhist path, as taught more than two thousand five hundred years ago by Buddha Shakyamuni . No profit from the Paramita Centre is used to make benifits for its members. All money raised goes to promote the spiritual teachings of Tibetan Buddhist thought, courses, seminars and retreats. Suggested donations are at your discretion. No one is refused for lack of resources. The activities put in place aim to help the Centre to function and develop for the benefit of people who seek a happier life through a better understanding of the problems and the application of pragmatic solutions through our activities.

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